My Latest Posts

Hmm, it looks like my latest posts aren’t showing for some really weird and unknown reason…

This is worrying, considering that I spent the better half of yesterday evening creating a very lengthy post, complete with several different images of all my latest projects, I then posted it and thought I saw it load but perhaps not as it’s definitely noweher to be found now. Weird. Very weird.

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Phantom Post

Hey all, Clive here again! Err – My last post was in November 2015?? How could that be?? What the ….?? I posted a HUGE great big long post (maybe 2000 words or more) back in April… Hmm… Weird. Very weird. And I can’t really explain that as I was entierly sure I published that post, especially as it took a good two hours or so to write. Miffed. Very miffed.


Ok, I seem to have unfortunately lost the whole of that post – can’t find any of it anywhere. OK! Well, back in Feb, I was really into Psy-Trance. Not so much anymore (it was a very short lived fad) but I basically posted about a new band that I was really into and managed to do some art work for!! If I can find the files again on my mac, I’ll upload a couple of drawings I did for their website and t-shirts.

My latest project is for this drainage business. The client was a really nice guy and advised me to take my time designing the site – which sort of makes a refreshing change from the norm of “when are you going to have this done by? I gave you the project last week!”. Continue reading Phantom Post